“It is not merely enough to think of our potential. We need to live it, breathe it, do it.”

Who is Yoga Ro?

 Ro is a London based Yoga Teacher, specializing in Quantum Yoga. Her teaching is driven by her passion for combining health, fitness, spirituality and wellbeing.

She has weekly public classes in London, teaches private one-to-one yoga sessions and runs international retreats and co-teaches teacher trainings.



  • Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat.
    I am not a hardened Yogi but nevertheless I put my ageing aching body in the hand of Yoga Ro and I was not disappointed. Each session she skilfully and sympathetically in my case put us through our paces and I felt better for it.
    This was all set in the jungle location of Camp Poe in Sri Lanka where we were brilliantly looked after by Ben and his staff. The jungle was tangible but the facilities blended in sympathetically providing a comfortable and unforgettable experience. In between yoga sessions we elected to surf the warm Indian Ocean waters on a daily basis, board shorts only and waves for everyone.
    I highly recommend Yoga Ro


  • I truly enjoyed your class this Saturday gone! Worth waking up at 5am….. my day was just perfect because of my lesson so thank you.

    Will come again.

    Emma x


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