Some kind words from students

“Ro’s Sicily retreat was just what I needed, it was re-energising and equal parts retreat and holiday. My body and mind feel a lot more in tune and I have come away with a new understanding and love for yoga, as well as some new friends.  I would highly recommend a retreat with Roanna to anyone needing a break from busy London life and wanting to re-set your focus and energy. I will definitely be going on another one at some point in the future (if not yearly)!”

Nioka 2019, AUSTRALIA


“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Roanna’s yoga class this evening. I’ve never even attempted a headstand before (and probably unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage it first time), but being given the time and encouragement to give it a go was really great (particularly as I wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be).. Also, that’s one of the most relaxing shavasanas I’ve ever had in a yoga class. Thank you! I will be trying to get to one of her classes again.”

Student, LONDON

“If you’re looking for an escape from busy, boisterous, belligerent adult life then you’ve found it. Offering a cornucopia of yoga and meditation practices for all ability levels, group and individual outdoor activities, nutritious meals and numerous socialising opportunities; Ro delivers idyllic yoga retreats in beautiful locations. Well stretched, well fed, well rested and well balanced you will return home in a Zen like state, motivated to do battle with the world once again.”

-Jess, 2020 UK

“Over the course of several months, my practice improved greatly thanks to Roanna. I found her classes particularly welcoming as a beginner and looked forward to every lesson. I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out or experienced.”


“Yoga with Ro is a wonderful and liberating experience. She takes care of each of us and her classes awakened my spirit, body, and mind.”

– Jordi, LONDON

“I had a wonderful time on the Morocco retreat. It was very thoughtfully put together by Ro, with a huge variety of yoga to experience every day. I came home feeling refreshed, energised and possibly a little bit taller! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a retreat with Ro, or join her for another one.”

Penny 2019, UK


“The instructor is so warm and welcoming, and makes me feel like I really have the power to make both a physical and mental change in myself (plus, it’s fun!).”

Student, LONDON


“It was the first one I’ve ever done and I loved every minute. I’ve come back feeling like a weight has been lifted, happier, smilier and more balanced (literally!). It was so good to meet all the other women and see all of us, all abilities, come together to practice yoga, fine-tune our practice and enjoy plenty of hiking with stunning views, the most delicious veggie food and a very cold dip in the pool! Thank you for the brilliant organization, great yoga sessions (I especially loved the partner yoga!), and helping me to find more confidence in what I’m doing when I practice. The meditation was a great way to start each day and something I’m keen to keep up back at home. It has definitely helped me put my work stresses to one side.”

Emma 2019, UK


“I love the instructor she’s an incredibly sweet soul and I will go to all her classes when I can”

Student, LONDON


“Thank you so much for leading such a brilliant retreat.Your approach and energy is really inspiring and very infectious! The perfect mix of food, sunshine and exercise. I have never felt so invigorated after a holiday.”

Sian 2019, UK


“Thank you for an amazing Moroccan Yoga Retreat. I had a wonderful time & feel rejuvenated. It taught me lots, and gave me food for thought. As well as introducing me to a group of wonderful women & mesmerising Morocco. Kasbah Angour will always be in my heart. Yoga is the way… “

Rhedd 2019, UK

“I’ve practiced yoga for many years & Ro has got the balance of strength + relaxation for both mind & body spot on.I first practiced in Ro’s class in the Sky Garden & instantly felt connected with her. When she mentioned she was holding a retreat in Sri Lanka, I knew I had to go. I wasn’t disappointed.The retreat is carefully planned so that the daily yoga sessions compliment the additional activities/free time perfectly.Camp Poe is beautiful & the wildlife absolutely amazing, you’re basically sleeping under the stars with all the animals, eating tasty, fresh and different food. It’s a real adventure.By the end of the trip you’ve made new yogi friends, captured breath taking photos, mixed with the locals and lived a true Sri Lankan experience.”

Naomi 2018, UK


“I am not a hardened Yogi but nevertheless I put my ageing aching body in the hand of Yoga Ro and I was not disappointed. Each session she skilfully and sympathetically in my case put us through our paces and I felt better for it.This was all set in the jungle location of Camp Poe in Sri Lanka where we were brilliantly looked after by Ben and his staff. The jungle was tangible but the facilities blended in sympathetically providing a comfortable and unforgettable experience. In between yoga sessions we elected to surf the warm Indian Ocean waters on a daily basis, board shorts only and waves for everyone.I highly recommend Yoga Ro”

Nick 2018, UK

“Ro’s Sri Lanka retreat genuinely changed my life. Having never travelled to East Asia before, it allowed me a completely different view of the world.The sporting activities that had been arranged such as sunrise paddle boarding in the most exotic, beautiful location imaginable and surfing the incredible waves of Sri Lanka’s south coast were moments that I’ll never forget.

Incredibly, Ro was able to teach a different yoga class for each morning and evening we were there. I have been practicing yoga on and off for around a year now and I was able to see more improvement in strength, flexibility and understanding in the week’s retreat than through any other amount of time practicing. Ro would always take the time to explain every aspect of the session that was unclear and help each person develop more complex moves such as hand stands and head stands in the safest and most effective way. All of the experiences combined along with the meditative and spiritual elements of the trip allowed me to develop as much mentally and spiritually as I did physically.”

George 2017, UK