Ro’s Story

Ro is a qualified 500 hours Quantum Yoga teacher based in South London. She has been practicing Yoga for over nine years and has a deep passion for helping other people experience the magic of yoga.

Quantum Yoga is a system of personal practice and optimization that uses vinyasa flow and Ayurvedic assessment. As Quantum physics itself has proven, any activity done with greater awareness has a more powerful transformative effect.

By bringing your attention into the the body-mind by the use of Ayurveda (Yoga’s “sister science” which recognizes your individual nature and helps find your true path on this earth), Ro’s classes leave you more harmonious, healthy, happy and in true balance with yourself and the now.




I am Yoga Alliance 500 hours RYT qualified, having completed both my 200 hours (2016) and 500 hours (2017) training with Quantum Yoga Founder, Lara Baumann, and Judith Daniel in India.

In April 2018, I successfully completed 42 hours of continuing education in the Anatomy & physiology of Forrest Yoga with the Jambo Truong.