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Five Christmas gift ideas for yoga lovers

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  1. Yoga Mat


Every yogi needs a mat. The Manduka Eko Superlite travel mat is especially good if you are a yogi on the go. If you are traveling around or if you are taking classes in London this is a great option. The mat because of its genius design can be folded instead of rolling! If you are taking class after work you can simple put it in your bag with your workout clothes with no hassle at all. (This also helps if you ever need to fit in your suitcase!) It is very thin, but placing it over a mat at the studio makes for the ideal support. P.s. the mat is incredibly grippy so no need to worry about those slipping hands in Down-ward facing dog!

2.  Sports Bra


I love the detail on the back of this Lululemon Free to be Tranquil bra. Sometimes I find that sports bras can feel restricting and a little suffocating. This is not ideal in yoga where you need to be able to breath fully and deeply. In this bra Lululemon have nailed the supportive yet comfortable feel! A yoga lover would be very pleased come christmas day with a fun and freeing bra like this one.

3. Eye Pillow


Scented Eye pillows are a beautiful accompaniment to any yoga practice. By simply placing this scented pillow over your eyes during corpse pose you will instantly feel more grounded, soothed and relaxed. Gentle pressure around the eyes and third eye can release unwanted tension and stress. Definitely needed for those days when we want that extra little help to surrender during savasana.


4. Yoga Pants


No doubt my favourite yoga pant. The Lululemon align pant has such a beautiful design and effortless fit they make you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. Not to mention they are so soft you will just want to wear them all day every day. Come new year you will want to take class all the time, just so you can wear your new pants!

The align pant comes in a cropped and tall version. I have the align crop and love the length. However Lululemon does offer free hemming so you can get that ideal fit!


4. Private Yoga classes

If you are buying a christmas gift this year for someone who loves yoga, what would be better than getting them one-to-one yoga sessions! If your loved one wants to nail a headstand, work on their chaturanga dandasana technique, tone up their body after christmas or simply just need help in calming their mind for one hour! A private class would be the ideal gift…

Private classes can totally transform a yogis practice and I am offering a deal for christmas if you buy three private classes with Yoga Ro.

“Experience does for the soul what eduction does for the mind.”

Email  me at for more info on One-to-One yoga classes.

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