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Intro to yoga: Yoga Class Virgins

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Part two of the series: INTRO TO YOGA. (check out part one here if you haven’t already)

It can be scary arriving anywhere for the first time and sometimes yoga can be intimidating. I know I was definitely unsure about many things during my first experience of yoga, so I thought I would make the first step a little bit easier…

Yoga can sometimes be serious and yoga can sometimes be A LOT of fun, there are no set “rules”, however some yoga class etiquette is great to know before a first class.

Here are some tips, cautions and hints for when you attend a yoga class, so you feel confident, prepared and comfortable.


What to wear?

Comfortable, easy to move in clothes. I would always suggest to women to wear a tight-fitting top that will not come down when you come into downward facing dog, it can just be annoying if you keep having to adjust clothing! Nothing see-through is always a good idea and nothing stupidly short or revealing. Naked yoga is great but best in nature or at home.

What to bring?

Water and yourself. Most classes and studios will provide mats but it is always good to check first on their website or give them a call. Studios should also provide props but don’t feel like you need to use these.

Where to go?

There are so many yoga teachers/studios out there. Best advice would be go try out a few teachers and find what style suits you. We will all have our preferences and you want to find a teacher and a practice which will be the most transformative for you.

Yoga etiquette?

  • It is best not to eat two hours before your practice. It will make you feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to get into postures as easy.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before class begins, this gives you time to transition from your day on to your mat. It means that you will not go into practice feeling hot-headed, and also gives you time to get a spot where you feel comfortable in the room.
  • Take your shoes and socks off. Yoga is always practiced barefoot.
  • Place your mat facing the teacher, not next to the teacher or in front of the teacher, just use your common sense.
  • Put your phone on do not disturb or even better if you can avoid taking your phone to class then don’t. One of the best things about yoga is withdrawing yourself from the external world, especially your mobile phone, so switch it off or leave it behind.
  • Don’t chat. Sometimes in a yoga class it is chilled, chatty and fun, perhaps when doing partner adjusting etc. However during other times respect the teacher and the practice and stay quite. Use your 60,75 or 90 minutes to allow the chatter in the mind to still and to find peace.
  •  People come to yoga to quiet their mind. It is important to respect the stillness and serenity of a moment.
  • Finally don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher. If you have an injury or anything that may hinder your practice let them know!  Trust your teacher…



Yoga should not be a stressful experience so I hope these little tips make your first class that little be more chilled.

Ro x

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