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My big sister just turned 26. For her birthday I bought her flights to go to Budapest. The summer had just come to an end in London and it seemed like the perfect time to go explore and find a bit of sun before winter truly came.

I love Budapest. The backdrop of the Buda hills, the dramatic river Danube running through the city and the beautiful architecture make it incredibly pretty. The chain bridges give the city a romantic vibe and the Jewish district brings rich history into the streets. It was my second time to the city and all the love I had felt the first time I visited came flooding back. Not to mention Budapest is also super fun, filled with ruin bars, more than 100 thermal baths and lots of sights to see, plus it is really cheap! What is not to love…

Here are some photographs of our weekend in Budapest. At the end you will find a list of the places I would recommend (bars, baths, sights etc.) if you are thinking about taking a trip to this amazing city.


We actually stayed with my boyfriend’s generous sister, boyfriend and their dog Molly. They have a amazing apartment which overlooks the river. However I know there are some gorgeous Airbnbs in the city and some great hostels if you are backpacking.


Molly has the cutest face in the world and loves photos!


Our trip was super chilled, we went on walks, runs, practiced yoga, went out for dinner and generally just took it very slow.




On the saturday morning we ran to Margaret Island and took Molly with us. The island is in the centre of the river and you can see it in the picture above. It is the most idlic place and it is unbelievable that is in the centre of a city. It was serene, peaceful and had beautiful gardens. If you like nature and visit Budapest, go to Margaret island.



You can not go to Budapest and not visit the baths. We deiced to check out the Gellert Bath  and it did not disappoint. Full of history and wonder and supposedly the most beautiful indoor baths in the city.



The first evening we went to Mazel Tov for dinner. A turkish restaurant in the heart of the jewish district. There was a DJ and guy on saxophone. I could not recommend it enough.




Molly loves to give me a helping hand getting into my upward bow.


The beautiful Gellert thermal baths.



The Gellert baths have outdoor and indoor thermal pools, sauna, steam rooms and even a bar where you can get prosecco and ice cream! Plus it is only around £15 for one adult with a locker.


The city comes alive at night in the summer months and the ruin bars are the place to be. They are creative abandoned buildings which have been turned into drinking and dancing spaces. Filled with mismatched salvaged furniture, peeling paint and neon lights. They are famous and there are a lot to choose from. The vibe is different in each bar so you might need to check out a few to see what suits you. However all of them have cheap beer, loud music and a lot of character. I personally like Instant the best.


Things to do in Budapest: 


Urban tiger
Bistro deryene (buda side)
Mazel tov

A la Maison
Cafe central

Mazel tov

Citadella/ gellert hill
Buda castel
Margit island
Hero square (city park)

House of terror

Gellert spa

Alexandria book cafe
New York cafe


I hope this post inspires you to visit this beautiful city and gives you a few things to do  when you do eventually visit. However a huge tip I have for traveling is to not over plan. Go with the flow, let the day guide you and during those moments where you have not got a set plan is where the magic happens.

We did not have a plan our first night in the city and we ended up in the buda hills at sunset. Here is Budapest looking dreamy from its highest point.


“Real travel requires a maximum of unscheduled wandering, for there is no other way of discovering surprises and marvels, which, as I see it, is the only good reason for not staying at home.” – Alan Watts.

Ro x


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