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London’s greatest workout = Project Awesome

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Stumbling across Project Awesome a couple of months ago was one of the best discoveries I have made since living in London. My friend Sophie mentioned it to me and on a whim I thought I would give it ago, thinking it would probably be the first and last time I went. I try out a lot of different classes/fitness activities in London. A lot of them I check out and never return to and a few of them I enjoy and maybe go back to once or twice. The first Project Awesome I went to was on the 6th of july and I have pretty much been back every week since then…

Yes it is exercise and yes you have to wake up at 5:30 but it is so so worth it.


According to Project Awesome’s Facebook page it is a commitment to get London badass fit!! (which is amazing). And yes it can be a serious hardcore workout and has left me aching for days in the past. However lets be clear about this, it is not just a workout.  It is an incredible fitness initiative where high fiveing and hugging is hugely encouraged. It is moral boosting, a hell of a lot of fun and leaves you on a natural high, ready for the day ahead. Everyone is welcome at PA, from the ultra marathon runners to occasional joggers. You never feel out of place, out of depth or left out. Plus Project Awesomers are some of the loveliest and most welcoming people in the city. Making it the most inclusive fitness “class” I have attended.


This fitness movement was founded by Danny Bent known as the hugging adventurer and according to the Independent on Sunday, Danny is one of the 100 happiest people in the UK. He is a Guinness World Record holder and an award wining author. He is genuine and lovely and often pops along to the session to say hey. On top of everything he does he is incredibly fit! Some of you may recognise him from BBC’s Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week where he was a finalist. A true inspiration… you can find him here!

PA is now run by five wonderful captains who really make every single session special.


Expect cheering, happiness, plank challenges and the infamous squat circle. Every session starts with hugs and ends with one huge sweaty, loving and memorable group hug. Hugs are powerful and in a city which can be hugely lonely, feeling that human connection and love through a hug at PA could really turn someones day around.


Yes fitness is great but being truly healthy isn’t just a physical attribute… The fact that Project Awesome is addressing this aspect is very special.


The workouts happen for one hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and during this time London becomes a little bit brighter… “We are the rainbow chinks in a city of grey”.

To repeat, PA is FREE fitness. Yes thats right FREE. Totally, completely and utterly free. No need to sign up, email or book in… simply just turn up and kick ass.


It runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 – 7:30am. Mondays are Flash Fitness and the location changes every week, from Trafalgar square to Hackney wick. Wednesdays are at the Scoop by City Hall, always. Then fridays are in Regent’s Park.


Since starting Project Awesome every time I meet someone knew I will tell them about it. I say why not go try it out, give it ago and see for yourself how amazing it can make you feel. And well if you don’t like it you never have to go again!


Before Project Awesome:

I had never belly laughed so much during a workout.

I had never shouted UNICORN, PIXIE DUST + RAINBOW so loud at 6:30 in the morning.

After Project Awesome:

I have never been so happy to get on the tube during rush hour.

I have never been so grateful to wake up at 5:30 am…


The energy and love you see and physically feel at Project Awesome is truly special. The support is unequalled and the connections you make are real.

Live life because you were only given one go at it!

Happiness is catching and Project Awesome really is a pure (sweaty) joy.


Ro x


Huge thanks to Joon Wong , Laura Plant and Richard Murgatroyd for the photographs. 

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