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A few weeks ago I attended Lululemons Yoga and fitness festival.

A one day festival held at Wapping’s Tobacco dock. It was called SWEATLIFE and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name…


I was getting really sad as I had not had the opportunity to attend any festivals this summer. When I saw the SWEATLIFE festival advertised I knew I had to go, so I dragged my sister along knowing it was totally her thing!

Not quite the festival I was imaging when I planned my summer but it honestly turned out to be an amazing day.


The concept of the festival is that you pay a £20 entry fee and then you can book into how many classes you like, all the classes being completely free!

The number of fitness classes you could choose from was ridiculous. Ranging from classes by Core Collective, Frame, F45, Gym Class, KOBOX and Xtend Barre. There were also so many different yoga classes lead by internationally renowned teachers. You could even attend a Kundalini class, guided meditation and mindful development to finish off your day.


I was a bit late booking the tickets so a few of the classes I wanted to attend had already booked up.

However I knew I wanted to take a Yoga class (obviously) and when I saw that Chris Chavez was teaching I knew I had to be there.


It was the right decision. Chris was hilarious, uplifting, genuine, a great yoga teacher and held a challenging class!

He was so wise and I learnt a lot in just the one hour class.


The Yoga was at 11:00-12:30 and we had booked into Barry’s Bootcamp at 15:00 so we had a bit of time to kill.


This wasn’t hard as there were lots of things to see and places to explore. Tobacco Dock is an incredible venue and the perfect place for any festival. There were lovely food stalls, a beautiful candle stall and a huge Pip and Nut stall. Lots of other companies were there too selling healthy and tasty products.

I ended up purchasing quite a few Pip and Nut butters. (You know, always an essential).

This Spoon granola was also super yummy.


There was even a whole section of the venue where you could get your hair braided and your face covered in gilttery face paint!!!

Super keen to get our face covered in glitter Becca and I got excited, began to queue and then realised it wasn’t the wisest idea when we had booked into a the sweatiest of  workouts (Barry’s!) later in the day…

We were sad but decided we would 100% get glitter next time!



These candles were gorgeous by Ohros, the Ying + Yang one created especially for the festival smelled dreamy.




The mermaid Cave.

Just to confirm and so I have it written down, next time I am definitely getting braids and glitter, look how amazing it is!


I loved the little touches to the festival such as the yoga “Up Dawg” signs swinging above everyones heads as you made your way around the venue.





When 15:00 came we headed to one of the main studios feeling a little bit nervous for what was in store. Lets just say this, Barry’s Bootcamp was a killer of a class. I don’t think I have ever done that many press ups in one workout before. This was first time I experienced the intensity of Barry’s Bootcamp and I was not disappointed. It was super hardcore but crazy amounts of fun with the DJ playing on stage. I was dripping with sweat by the end but I am pretty sure that was the whole point. It was a Sweat life festival at the end of the day.


After Barry’s class the plan was to stay for Kundalini yoga and then rave the night away with Grandmaster Flash. However, after sweating copious amounts and getting rather ravenous we decided it was best to call it a day.


We sweated, we laughed and we had the best day ever!

Lululemon you killed it, I have already told all of my friends and we will definitely be coming next year.


Ro x


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