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The Sky Garden + Sky High Yoga

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Found on the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch street  (the walkie talkie building) the Sky Garden is the highest public garden in London. It is also one of my favourite places in the city…


Sometimes it is hard to find peace and serenity in London. So making the journey up to the Sky Garden and removing yourself from all the craziness really does feel amazing. Being up and above the rest of the city allows you to take a step back and find that quietness. It gives you time to see this hectic city from a completely fresh perspective, automatically  bringing a sense of calmness to the body and mind.


The Sky Garden takes up the top three floors of the building and offers 360 degree uninterrupted views across the city. As you look down on the whole of London you can see everything. Boats slowly winding their way down the thames, trains pulling in from the suburbs and if it’s a clear day you can see all the way to Alexandra Palace and beyond.


City life can become suffocating and claustrophobic so coming up here to teach yoga really allows me to breathe. (How appropriate!) 

The Sky Garden puts on a Sky High Yoga class every morning expect Monday’s. It is an hour long and expect a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow where everyone is welcome.


If you haven’t been up to the Sky Garden yet book it now! It will not disappoint. If you are quick enough (they sell out super fast) try and get yourself booked into a sky high yoga class. I teach 50 plus Yogis up here sometimes and I can not think of a better way to start the day. I honestly believe its the best way to experience this garden in the sky.


I am teaching this Saturday and Sunday and I can not wait. Every time I teach Sky High Yoga I feel so grateful to of been given such a wonderful opportunity. It truly is a beautiful place to teach Yoga.


As you can see it always leaves me feeling on top of this world (or perhaps just London!).


Afterwards you can always go grab a smoothie from the Sky Pod bar and enjoy the views as you relish in that post yoga feeling.


The bar has plenty of options, selling coffee, teas and snacks if you are feeling peckish.


The smoothies are tasty but always manage to give me brain freeze! To finish your adventure into the Sky you can even go and take in the views from the outside terrace

You must try out Yoga at the Sky Garden. I am teaching on the 24th July and the 2nd and 3rd of August, it would be lovely to see some of you there.

One student told me last week that she thinks the Sky Garden is better than shard…

I haven’t yet visited the Shard but I do think the Sky Garden definitely has something about it.


Ro x

If you are scared of heights find my classes at ground level here


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