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Travel: BERLIN

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Berlin is effortlessly cool and always delivers. Visiting the city for the second time a couple of weeks ago I was reminded of that amazing energy which runs through the cities bars, parks, clubs and cafes.

Taking a few days away from my London teaching schedule I met my boyfriend in Berlin for a few days of fun…


This post includes some snapshots from our amazing time there. A nice mixture of food, places and things that are worth checking out if you find yourself in Berlin.

This visit was during the end of June and a lot of the activities we ended up doing were outside. Just to take into consideration as last time I was there it was December and freezing! I will put it out there and say Berlin is better in summer… but isn’t that the same as everywhere?!

I am a summer baby, my body will always yearn for warmer weather and that runs deep through my veins, what can I say.


On the first evening we stumbled across this place Klunkerkranich. Located at the top of a shopping centre in Neukölln, this rooftop bar has everything you need for a summers evening. Cool beer, yummy healthy food and an amazing view over the city.



There was a small entry fee but totally worth it for its gritty but cool vibe. 100 % check this rooftop out if you are in Neukölln on a summers night.


It was full of locals and people of all ages.




The DJ and the music were on point and I am sure would make this spot happening later in the night. Throughout our time in Berlin we soon realised the city has great taste in music.


Feeling pretty peckish after a few hours bathing in the evening sun we thought we would make our way down to street level and check out Beuster for dinner.


This place was the ideal casual dinner spot and again I would definitely recommend checking it out, whether thats for food or even late night drinks.

We sat outside on this quaint cobbled street and pretended we were locals. It was a gorgeous warm evening and the restaurant was full of aspiring creatives and locals with cute dogs.


We drank beer and both ordered the steak tartare, it was ridiculously delicious. Life is about balance. I rarely eat meat but I enjoy eating good food and my body really fancied meat this evening. I always try and eat with consciousness and listen to my body!

Check out Beuster if you are in Berlin and like to eat and drink well like a local.

The next day we carried on our exploration of the city and headed to the holocaust memorial.


We didn’t do tons of sight seeing as we have been to the main spots before but we wanted to take in the holocaust memorial once again. It is an amazing piece of architecture and totally silencing.


Never stop meditating…


After a morning of walking around the city we made our way back east and went to lunch at The Bowl. A healthy and 100% plant based restaurant in Warschauer Straße.

The Bowl claims itself to be the first clean eating restaurant in Berlin and you can find it above the amazing Goodies and Veganz health food store and Deli. (Worth exploring!)


This place is so good and if it was in London I would be there every day!


I ordered a smoothie which I am pretty sure was turmeric, banana and mango. Don’t hold me to that though, all I know is that it was delicious!


My boyfriend and I both order Bowls from the lunch menu.

Bendik ordering the Mexican bowl and myself ordering the Californian bowl.


Yes it is was as good as it looks!

The Californian bowl was amazing and honestly on of the best “health bowls” I have ever eaten. The lemon quinoa was so tasty, the guacamole was fresh and the sesame tamari spinach was the delicious. It made me feel so good and refreshed after the other heavy foods we had consumed!

Go check out The Bowl if you are in Berlin…


Another thing to not miss out on when you are in Berlin is the photoautomats.

It is 2 euros for a strip of photos and it’s the best fun.


Carrying on with our adventures…

We stayed in Neukölln, an amazing district in the south of Berlin. Walking around and exploring we found the chillest place to hang out was our local park called Gorlitzer.

We took a picnic one night and people watched as the locals played music, threw Frisbees and had fun in the sun. Having a beer was a nice addition…


Travelling around Berlin is super easy, there are plenty of busses and the U-bahn and S-bahn run pretty frequently. It is simple to navigate and a day pass for all public transport was around 7 euros!


I think you really experience a new place by hoping on a bus full of locals.

Next time you are somewhere new, take the bus, trust me you will meet some interesting characters.





We got the S-bahn to the East Side Gallery. If it is your first time in Berlin go see the wall. It is iconic and so interesting to see how Berlin was divided, it also is the home to some incredible street art.



Another cool thing to check out if you are into art is Berlin’s Boros Collection, a Nazi-era bunker filled with modern art. The collection included sculpture, painting, multimedia, drawing, photography and sound pieces.

It was unlike anything I have been to before and if you are remotely into art you should check it out. You get taken around at a specific time by a guide, viewing the collection piece by piece. It was a very cool experience. Booking required


Here are some pictures of where we were staying. Our Airbnb had the perfect location and was next to a beautiful canal. We took full advantage of being close to the canal and ran, walked and relaxed along the banks of it.


If it is summer I would recommend staying in Neukölln and find an Airbnb near the canal, we couldn’t of found a more perfect place to stay.


By the side of the canal on Tuesdays there is a huge Turkish Market. There were so many stalls selling incredible olives, spices and lots of fresh produce.

We found the juice stall…






Ordering a orange, carrot and ginger juice! YUM.



This super cute canal side cafe was constantly packed with locals. Unfortunately we did not have time to go there… an excuse to go back I guess!





Running along the canal was so much fun. It is with out a doubt the best way to explore a new city.



On our final day in Berlin the weather was beautiful so we decided to check out Krezburg’s local Lido.




This isn’t just any normal Lido it is a floating pool located in the river Spree.

It has a beach, a bar, stand up paddle boards and even yoga!

It is called Badeschiff and was the best thing we did in Berlin.


A day ticket is only 5 euros so you can swim until your heart is content and take in those cool city views. It was pretty chilly so I only managed to stay in for a little while! When you get out however there are deck chairs, the bar is only a few meters away and you soon warm up in the German sunshine.


Unknown to us they also play Football on a massive screen in the beach area. That evening Germany were playing and it actually ended up being a lot of fun to watch. Germany won and everyone was loving life!


Bendik enjoyed it but didn’t enjoy me taking pictures of him!


After Germany won we decided to go celebrate and make the most of our last night in the city.

Stopping to get another strip of photos..

FullSizeRender copy 5.jpg

The photo booths are never too far away in Berlin.


We had a memorable final evening, finding live music in the park, having a few drinks as the sun went down and just enjoying each others company…


Berlin is a great city. Full of life, cool people and unexpected adventures.

I hope this gives some inspiration if you are visiting the city.


If you liked this post click follow on my blog. I am going to Ibiza in two weeks so expect another travel post coming very soon!

Ro x

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