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Rhubarb Bircher

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Rhubarb believe it or not is a vegetable, somewhere along the way it has just been treated like a fruit and I love it! I love its tartness, its britishness and for me it takes me instantly back to my childhood, when my granddad would make his homemade rhubarb crumble.

Rhubarb is a great add on for lots of dishes, it makes amazing deserts and one of my favourite things to make is a rhubarb Bakewell tart (YUMMY). However last week I went to a Native Highs Yoga and brunch event and we had the most delicious breakfast from Dust Granola. It was bircher, cacao granola and you guessed it a rhubarb compote!! It was so delicious and such a great breakfast combination that it totally inspired me to give it ago and make my own rhubarb bircher at home.

Taking full advantage of the fact that my mum has a garden full of rhubarb I came up with this ridiculously tasty and healthy bircher recipe.


There is nothing more satisfying than picking your own vegetables out of the soil in which they grew!!! When I grow old my whole garden is going to be a vegetable patch and I cannot wait…

It is super easy to grow your own rhubarb (even my mum manages to keep it alive). It is also really good for you! Rhubarb is packed full with minerals, vitamins, organic compounds, and other nutrients that keep our bodies nice and healthy.

So not only is this Bircher super tasty it will make you feel good and look good too!


First things first, go find your rhubarb, whether thats picking it from your garden like me, going to your local market or simply getting it from the shop.

Secondly prepare your bircher and rhubarb in the evening so everything is ready for to go the next day.


You will need:


For the Rhubarb compote =

200g of Rhubarb, cut roughly into chunks

1 Large orange  (zest and juice)

1/2 Cup of water

2 Tablespoons of organic cane sugar


For the Bircher =

1 Cup of rolled oats

1 Tablespoon of chia seeds

1 Teaspoon of ground ginger

1 Apple grated

1 lemon

1 cup oat milk


Toppings =


Flaked almonds


Here is me looking very happy with my rhubarb!


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

In a large roasting dish combine the washed rhubarb chunks with the zest of the orange and the juice of half the orange. Then sprinkle over the organic cane sugar and finish by adding 1/2 cup of water.

Make sure the rhubarb is nice and covered with the sugar and juices, then place in the oven for it to roast.


This will take around 30 mins.

Whilst you are waiting for your rhubarb to roast you can prepare the bircher.

Start by grating your apple and soaking it in the juice of the lemon (this will stop it from turning brown).

Then place your oats, oat milk, ground ginger and chia seeds in an air tight container and give it a good mix. Add the grated apple and finish by zesting the lemon on top. Give it one final mix and then seal it up, place in the fridge to allow it to thicken overnight. Leaving your oats to soak mean they are a lot easier to digest and also become deliciously creamy.

Then when the 30 minutes is up remove your roasting dish from the oven, the rhubarb should be looking lovely and soft.


Allow it to cool. Then place the rhubarb with all the juices in another air tight container.

Place in the fridge over night.

Now all you have to do in the morning when you wake up is simply grab a bowl, serve your portion of bircher, add the yummy rhubarb compote on top and finally add on any toppings that you fancy. It really is that easy!

I went for flaxseeds and flaked almonds on top of mine and it was delicious!!


Look at the amazing colour of that rhubarb!

The bircher on its own is so creamy and delicious. The grated apple works amazingly with the oats and the ground ginger and lemon zest add this incredible freshness to the overnight oats. The rhubarb compote is so incredibly yummy that when added to the bircher this breakfast is honestly taken to another level! If you made this for your friends and family they would definitely be impressed.

This breakfast is sweet, tangy, healthy, satisfying and I know you’ll love it.

Apples and rhubarb are amazing for us, containing antioxidants which are so important for keeping our bodies healthy. Having this for breakfast will make you energised, keep you full for longer and keep your immune system super happy!

It is so important to start your day with a yummy healthy breakfast so you are powered up for an incredible day.

Try this bircher out and let me know what you think…


Ro x

All photos taken on my iPhone!




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