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May Favourites

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May has been a wonderful month and I feel so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. It has also been pretty busy so its nice to look back, take a moment and just remember the highlights. Reflecting back over the last 31 days there have been a few things which have stuck out as being particular favourites of mine.

One of my favourite experiences this month was having my boyfriend come and stay with me in London. Spending time with positive, inspirational and happy people is so important and Bendik is all of those things. I spent my first ever “Norway Day” with him and we had such a great day, something we will both remember for years to come!


Now on to my favourites…

A mix bag of things this month including places I have loved visiting, items I have enjoyed wearing and things I have loved doing.

Sky High Yoga at the Sky Garden

Teaching at the Sky Garden has definitely been my May favourite. Sky Garden is 155 meters high, up on the 35th floor of the walkie talkie building. It is London’s highest public garden and offers views across the whole of the city. It is such an incredible place to practice yoga and teaching 50+ yogis up there is an amazing feeling. Being so high up changes your perspective of London life.


The Puma Leggings

I am 5’1 (very small!) and hence I find it difficult to find sports leggings which are both nice, practical and the right length. At the start of May I found these puma leggings and have worn them pretty much every day since! They are the ideal length, pretty flattering and I am in love with the grey colour. Find the best leggings ever here.


Visiting Broadway Market/Schoolyard + Netil Market

Not a new favourite but a revisited one. I used to live in East London so heading to Broadway Market on Saturday morning used to be a weekly occurrence. However moving South of the river I kind of neglected my love for the place. This month my friends and I fully reignited our love for the dreamy local market and hit the stalls up every Saturday, always leaving feeling very glad we made the journey. Broadway, Netil and the Schoolyard market are all full with incredibly yummy food stalls ranging from Afro Tacos to Violet cakes. Cute local jewellery stands, antique furniture shops and the most beautiful florists fill the streets. The best thing about heading over East on a Saturday though is 100% the £5 vegan pancakes from Benny Buttons Tea. Probably the best pancakes I have ever eaten…


Swimming in Brockwell Lido

This piece of information I am about to tell you has to be kept between us. I know you will fall in love with the the Lido just as much as I have but you can not let anyone else know how truly great it is. Mainly because one of the nicest things about it is how quiet it can be on a weekday. If you promise not to tell I can reveal all… There was amazing weather at the start of May and I soon realised the only way to spend a sunny day is by the Lido. You can sunbathe, chill out, read a book and go in the freezing water for only £5.95!! £5.95 for swimming in a beautiful art deco pool built in 1937, I know! It is such a lovely location and when the sun is shinning you feel like you are in Ibiza, not in the middle of South London. Next to the pool there is also Brockwell Lido cafe which do great brunches. To see opening times and all other Lido info check out their website here.

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Loving Haro Care – Organic Skin Care

I have mentioned this amazing skincare brand before – see previous post. Haro Care create exclusive all natural skin care products made from organic oils, vitamins and plant extracts. This month the wonderful people at Haro Care sent me some more products and I have been trying them out for the last two weeks. They sent me a day serum and a night serum, a morning glow face cream, a renewing face cream and some eye cream. I can now honestly say it is my favourite skin care range. I am no expert on skin or skin products but all I know is that these products give my skin the healthiest looking glow!! Something which I have wished for for years after a long time of super sensitive, red looking skin. I have being using the serums daily and the moisturisers both in the morning and in the evening. The products leave my skin feeling amazing and they make my face look healthy and awake. They are all completely organic, natural products so I can relax knowing that my skin is being  nourished every time I use them! I highly recommend Haro Care products, if you fancy trying out organic and natural skin care products you should definitely check out Haro Care!!


Hope you enjoyed reading a little insight into the things I have been loving this month.

Ro x

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