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April Favourites

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April has been the best month for me. I am absolutely loving teaching my yoga classes, I have met so many amazing yogis and the warm spring days (apart from the last week when it SNOWED!!!) have left me with hope and happiness that summer is on its way.

I love reading about other people’s favourites so I thought I would share some things I have been loving this month! It’s a mixed bag of things but I hope you like this little insight of what I have discovered and have been enjoying…

Favourite food: My bircher breakfast

It is easy, it is delicious and it is great for my body. Not much else to say really, just try it yourself!!! I blogged the recipe just for you: here.


Favourite TV show: Girls + Vinyl

Girls is not a new discovery but the fifth season of Lena Dunham’s show might just be my favourite yet. It is so real, honest and addresses some serious issues in a twenty somethings life which I can really relate too. I also have a massive girl crush on Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa, and she is making me want to grow my hair long again (she legit looks like a mermaid!!!). Episode 5 involves Hannah and her mum attending a female empowerment retreat which I found hilarious being a yogi. If you haven’t seen Girls yet, go watch it, you won’t be disappointed.


I have also been loving Vinyl. It is a new season directed by Martin Scorsese on HBO. Set during the cool days of New York when Andy Warhol was chilling in the clubs and manhattan was the epicentre for new music. The show focuses heavily on the 1970’s culture and the life inside a record company. If you ignore the seriously heavy drug taking this show is an amazing watch. Great acting, good story line and some vibey music.

 Favourite yoga asana: Handstand

For some background information I was never that kid at school who was amazing at cartwheels or gymnastics. I am a dancer and have been taught some tricks over the years but I never liked going upside down. Even though I have been practicing yoga now for six years I always avoided inversions. This was until I went to do my teacher training in January. Being in such a supportive environment I learned to love turning the other way around. When I was out there I set a goal that by the end of 2016 I will be able to hold a handstand for at least 5 breaths!!! I have been practicing all of this month and now I am addicted to how amazing it makes me feel.

Favourite podcast: Rich Roll

For the life of me I can not remember how I discovered Rich Roll, but it has been my best discovery for a long time. Rich Roll is a ultra athlete, yogi, health advocate, plant powered and amazing podcast host. Every episode I have listened to has been utterly fascinating and I feel like I have learnt so much about wellness and health. He is inspirational and is routing for peace and plants, I think I maybe slightly in love with him. If you are anything like me and get bored of your music while you are traveling then you should get into podcasts. If you are vegan, in to fitness or just have an interest in health you must listen to Rich Roll.



Favourite object: My rose quartz necklace

One of my best friends bought me this necklace for my birthday last year. It’s rose quartz and I have not taken it off since the beginning of april. I love crystals and rose quartz especially. Rose quartz is the heart stone and is the crystal of unconditional love. It carries the gentle energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It is supposedly meant to open my heart chakra and I like to wear it around my neck help produce a loving vibration. I like that it gives off loving energy yet also reminds me about self love. It is also SUPER pretty.

Unfortunately I do not know where this exact one is from but you can find a similar one here from etsy.

Favorite clothing: Pastel pink joggers 

Always in search of cute workout and yoga gear, I fell in love with a pair of baby pink joggers in Brandy Melville about a month ago (as you can tell I am lovin’ that colour).  I thought they were the ideal thing for practicing. However the one size rule in Brandy didn’t quite work out when I wanted to go for the baggy and comfy vibe…. So with a tear in my eye I decided to leave them in the store. Then a miracle happened and I saw a pretty much identical pair in Topshop about a week ago! Now I own the prettiest and comfiest joggers on the planet. Thanks Topshop for selling more than one size.

Find them here.

I think I am going to make this a monthly post, so let me know if you enjoyed it.

Ro x

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