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My current fitness routine

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Being active and working out comes pretty easy to me, this may sound strange to some people out there, but honestly I just love moving my body and always have done. Okay, so obviously I do have my off days where I just want to sit and eat a whole pack of oreos but they are pretty rare.

From the age of four I was attending my local baby ballet, at primary school I had joined every athletic club going, and at home my sister and I would create obstacle courses around our garden pretty much every weekend.

There is something about being physical in whatever context, that has always made me feel good. Times have slightly changed and now my fitness routine is more organized; even though I wish my sister and I could still run around our garden to get fit and healthy bodies.


My routine:

Running – At the moment I am running around three times a week. I love to run and still try to keep it up even though I live in London. Running in the city is not my favourite but it gets me outside and if I don’t run I can tell it really affects my mood and cardio fitness. Running to my local park and back is around three miles and I do this three times a week. Running is also an amazing way of exploring the city, getting to know different areas and finding cute streets.

HIIT Training – I aim to do two HIIT training sessions a week. I will either do a 15 minute or 30 minute workout. This could include burpees, jump squats, tricep dips, push ups, plank etc. I think HIIT training is really effective, especially if you don’t have much time. It gets your heart rate going and makes you super strong. I would recommend Kayla Itsines’ workouts and The Body Coach’s ‘Lean in 15‘ if you are looking for inspiration on exercises.

Yoga – Every day I will do some form of asana practice. I am addicted to yoga and believe it is so important to do every day. I also try and attend a yoga class weekly as well as teaching my own classes. Practicing meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) is really important to me and I try and do both every morning. This is technically not exercise but is so important for the physical body that the mind is healthy, harmonious and happy. Meditation is a work out for the mind, has huge benefits and helps me to deepen the connection to my physical body.

Dance – Currently I am in the Ashton Dance Collective a contemporary/commercial company. We have rehearsals on Saturdays and this can be a great workout. I never really categorise this as working out, but I guess it is. I also attend professional contemporary classes and ballet class during the week which can make you seriously sweat!!


I understand how hard it is to workout when we are living hectic, busy lives in the city.  However, adding perhaps one yoga class, a run in the morning or doing HITT workout at the gym during your lunch break could really improve your well-being!

If the above forms of exercise are totally not your thing, there are many other ways to get your body moving. How about renting a Borris bike and cycling along the Thames or in Hyde Park. Perhaps even hitting up your local climbing wall. I would recommend the mile end climbing wall and the one next to Vauxhall station; climbing is a great full body workout and can be super fun.

Experiment with what works for you, get out there and try out all the different classes at your gym, try interval running or cycling to work. Trust me your body will find something it loves to do, it will be grateful and thank you from the inside out!


Benefits of exercise: 

The BBC wrote a report about how just 15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years and cut death risk by 14%.
“If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented,” says Dr Nick Cavill. Find out more statistics and the benefits of exercise here.

I truly believe this; exercise and clean eating is our medicine.

I also read in Women’s Health about a study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology which found that 15 minutes of resistance training was just as effective at boosting participants’ metabolism as 35 minutes of training.

So come on guys there really is no excuse. There are 1440 minutes in a day and these studies prove that just 15 minutes a day will improve your health. I bet you are thinking about your schedule right now, (am I right?) I am sure you can find an extra 15 minutes somewhere

Working out is revitalising and fitting that workout in could dramatically change your day, mental health and eventually physique.

Remember nobody has ever regretted a workout..



Hope you liked this post,

Leave a comment letting me know what your current fitness routine is!

Ro x



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