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Cornish Cliff Run

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Everyone has a happy place, where you go and everything seems to slow down. All of your thoughts, worries and self doubts no longer seem to matter and you walk around with the biggest smile on your face for no reason at all.

For me that is Cornwall, I love its rugged cliffs, surf, beaches and its old english quirks.

One of my favourite things to do in Cornwall is to take to the costal paths for runs and long hikes. I wanted to share one of my running spots with you guys…


My Cornish Cliff Run

Beginning and ending in the old fishing and mining village of Portreath and running a circular route of 4.43 miles (7.1 km). It is hilly and hard work but the views and scenery make this by far my favourite run in England.

cliff run

From the village, run to the beach and you will find the coastal path in between some beach front houses in the left corner of the cove. You then run up this first incline, which is a small thin grassy trail and a place where you often find wild ponies grazing. With a push and some strong leg work you emerge on top of the cliff.

To this incredible view.

cornish cliff1.jpg

It still takes my breath away. (literally after running up the steep incline!)

You then follow the costal path on top of the cliff for a while, taking in the views of the vast blue sea and the rugged rocks.

cornish cliff 7.jpg

Being careful not to get to close to the edge while you try and catch a glimpse of the seals swimming between the rocks!

cornish cliff 5.jpg

The path then winds around the corner of the cliff and leads to a steep stepped path to the bottom of the cliff, where you will find a bridge over a small river.

cornish cliff 6.jpg

There is even a waterfall.

cornish cliff 4.jpg

Remember what goes down must come up…


My mum and my dad being the inspirations they are, leading the way.

I am not sure if you can tell how steep it actually is but the steps are a good indicator. You can also see from my nike app the elevation was 654ft!


The hills are all part of the run and it really is an achievement/relief when you reach the top.

cornish cliff 8.jpg

There are then a few more ups and downs like this with the continuous beautiful views across the atlantic sea.

You then turn left down a small track and continue until you will reach the B3301 road. Cross the road and run a few 100 yards until you reach a snicket on the opposite side. Run down this trail and you will reach the enchanting Tehidy park.

Tehidy Country Park is the largest area of woodland in West Cornwall. It is so peaceful and has tons of paths to explore. I love this change of scenery in the run, the fact you travel from the exposed dramatic beauty of the cliffs to the enclosed, soft, fauna covered landscape of the woods. The juxtaposition makes both seem even more beautiful.

You run left through the park, following the signs to east lodge car park. From there you will then cross another road and run down the tram way opposite the car park.

Following this track  you will reach Gwel an Mor resort, you stay to the right side of the wooden cabins and take the track past the chickens, tennis courts and reindeers. The track will change into a stoney trail running alongside a river. This track will then lead you to the village, and back to your starting point.


Portreath harbour wall and cliff side on a stormier day.

Running in nature makes me feel connected to earth. It reminds me of the beauty of our planet and the power that nature has, the cliffs are especially humbling.

I have done this run in wind and rain and is still my favourite place to run.

Running on the cliffs is exhilarating and out of all the places I have ran this is definitely one of the most beautiful.

Where do you like to run?

Comment down below what your favourite running routes are!

Ro x

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