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Manchester Magic

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Somehow my best friend is still at university. She has worked the system the right way and is still enjoying her student years at the age of twenty three. Whilst my other two best friends and I have been slogging away in real “adult” jobs for the last two years. Growing up is a trap, right?

To be honest Elliott, Rosie and I all have pretty cool jobs and actually enjoy waking up on monday mornings, but we do miss Rose when she is away studying.

Rose goes to Manchester Uni and there are definitely some benefits of having your best friend in another city. We try and visit her as much as possible, which means getting out of London and exploring a new place. It feels like a holiday and we have the best time checking out new restaurants, bars and shops.

In March we decided to make the journey up north and spend a weekend together, exploring the delights of Manchester…


We woke up early saturday morning and I taught a yoga class in Rose’s living area. The space was limited and we had some giggles but they all did a tripod headstand for the first time. I felt like a proud mum!


After working up an appetite and feeling completely yoga stoned we got ready and went for brunch at a place called Takk. It had great coffee, lovely staff and the bircher even had baby pieces of lemon meringue on top. (YUM)



The lemon ricotta pancakes looked to die for and I was slightly jealous of Rose’s choice.


After eating copious amounts of food we talked for hours over the new developments in our lives and about future adventures together.


One of the main reasons for travelling to Manchester that weekend was to see the one and only Matt Corby. Rosie had bought Rose (I know we are called Ro, Rose and Rosie!) a ticket, and Elliott and I couldn’t help tagging along. So that evening we hopped into an uber and went to the Albert Hall. The venue was beautiful, and trust me Matt was just as dreamy as you can imagine.


Following the gig we went to some of Rose’s favourite bars and danced until the early hours.

This lead us to waking up slightly later than planned on sunday and we missed the brunch menu at Evelyn’s. However we had been keen to check it out so we decided to head over there anyway and see what else they had to offer.


The green smoothie was incredible. Honestly one of the yummiest I have ever tried, I was seriously impressed. If you are ever in Manchester go grab yourself a smoothie!




The interior is super pretty and I loved all the details.

Just look how cute the copper salt and pepper are.










Very disappointed with ourselves for missing the brunch menu it was kind of hard to decide what to order.


In the end I went for the harissa tomatoes and the smashed avocado small plate. It was tasty and the tomatoes were covered in the freshest green sauce.


I fell in love with this light/plant fitting and kept thinking how great it would look in my imaginary loft apartment in Williamsburg.



Evelyn’s is a really cool place and I am definitely going to head back there next time I am in town to try out there brunch menu.

After “brunch” we went to explore the northern quarter.


Its full of cute cafes, shops and graffiti lined streets.


Which were the perfect backdrop for Elliott to practice his modelling skills…

Which Rose was clearly not impressed by.


Overall it was a great weekend and I fell a little bit in love with the northern quarter. Thank you for letting us stay Rose.

You are a babe.

Ro x

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