Five easy yoga asanas

Yoga can have huge benefits for the body and the mind. It is so accessible and I truly believe everyone should do some form of yoga.

I wanted to share five of my favourite yoga asanas (postures) to practice.

These are my go to postures if I have a limited amount of time but still want to feel connected and strong in my physical body.

These are in essence, easy postures, however they can take years to master, and I will definitely be practising these for decades to come. Nonetheless, if you did practice these asanas everyday you would notice a difference fairly quickly in your flexibility and your strength.

Yoga is a personal practice, so the length you should hold these postures for can vary. Your timing will depend on how you feel in that moment,and what you feel your body needs on that day. For example you might feel tired and need awakening, or you might need to relax the mind and body before bed. As a general rule five deep breaths (in and out) in each posture should help you to connect and find your inner strength.

One: Uttanasna – Forward fold.


Bending your knees in this posture can help create space in the lower back. Placing your hands on the floor ether side of your feet, or perhaps just letting your arms hang and letting your head and neck be heavy, will also help you relax in to the asana.


Two: Adho Muka Svanasana – Downward facing dog.

adho muka scanasana.jpg

Downward dog strengthens the shoulders, arms and ankles, whilst stretching the back of the legs. This is a great posture for runners as it creates lightness in the legs. It can also remove tiredness and can bring back lost energy.


Three: Navasana – The boat .

narvasana.jpgA great posture for the core. If you want strong abs, do the boat!


Four: Brahmandasana – The cosmic egg

cosmic egg.jpg

The cosmic egg is my favourite yoga posture. The weightless and cosmic sensation is so nice and allows me to connect and listen to my body.


Five: Halasana – The Plough


The plough creates the most wonderful feeling from the tip of the spine all the way to the bottom of the ankles. This is such a good stretch, it may take a while to get the feet to the ground behind you but you can always use a block as a support.


These postures would be an ideal cool down after a run, perhaps a warm up for a dance rehearsal or just to wake the body up in the morning.

You can do these postures anywhere. You do not need a studio, gym or even yoga mat. A corridor will even suffice!! So if you are at work and having a really rubbish day, maybe try these postures out and see how your mood will improve.


Remember the expert in anything was once a beginner.


Ro x



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