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Inspiriting India

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Here are a few snapshots from my recent trip to India.

I am new to photography but have always enjoyed trying to capture the true nature of the place I am visiting.

I hope to give a real insight into a few different aspects of local Goan life.








You can find barber shops like this all over Goa.

I especially loved this hand written sign.






There is something about looking up to huge palm tree leaves and the bluest of  blue skies.





Every saturday on our day off from teacher training, my friends and I would go to the local Ayurvedic Doctor and teacher, Ajay Sharma, for a veda yoga class.


We would leave feeling ridiculously happy and ‘Yoga Stoned’ as my friends like to call it, and then head through the jungle to the local village.

Grabbing a cup of chai and the tastiest of samosas from the chai shop above, before heading down to the beach for a swim.


Goa is a magical place and when I close my eyes I can still hear those jungle sounds.


I stayed at Bhati Kutir, sat in between Patnem and Palolem beach. I highly recommend Bhakti, the staff are wonderful and the huts come with hammocks!

Plus there is an Ayurvedic centre located in Bhakti and is the home of Tara: the best dog known to man. Tara, I believe was the original inspiration for the dog in ‘Up’ (honestly). She is the spitting image of him and just as happy! She may not be able to speak like the dog but I definitely could read her vibes when she jumped on me every morning in meditation.

If you go to Bhakti, say hi to Tara and give her the biggest hug from me.

Oh and promise me you will go to the chai shop and experience the best tea of your life.

Ro x


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