Organic pure skin care

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During my yoga teacher training in India I met an inspirational woman called Hanne Robinson.

me and hanne.jpg

Hanne is one of those people who turns their hand to anything and makes it fabulous.

One of Hanne’s more surprising achievements is that she worked in Afghanistan for two and a half years as a personal trainer for the SAS soldiers. She told me how some of the men could barely get off the floor after her ab workout. (GIRL POWER!!!)

She is one of the healthiest, glowing and fittest 50 year olds I have ever met. Her great knowledge and passion about nutrition and health meant I was learning new things everyday, about how to care for my own body and mind.

One day whilst I was putting on my Nivea sun cream she turned to me and told me to put the poisonous chemicals down. Not only does she take great care in what she puts into her body, she is also mindful about what she puts on to it.

Hanne told me 10 years ago she suffered from skin cancer and it led her to a serious lifestyle change and a completely new outlook on life. The biggest decision she made was that she would be more loving towards herself and take better care of her body and wellbeing. This change made her scrutinise and research all the hormone-filled creams and damaging perfumes she had been using for years. As a result she became extremely interested in natural beauty products, and decided to take matters in to her own hands.

With her wise knowledge on health and beauty she created her own skin care range using the power of mother nature. Where all the products are made from the best organic oils, skin-improving vitamins and plant extracts. Ingredients such as vitamin-E, Aloe Vera Juice, Virgin coconut oil, JoJoba oil and Pomegranate oil make up the beautiful products.

Haro Care was born.

flat lay plants

This is her vision.

She wants to use and sell clean products that kick ass at the same time!

close up lip balm

Hanne is an amazing women who has put love and passion into something she really cares about and has made it happen. As an individual who who has tried and tested her products and had the chance to be enlightened by her knowledge, I highly recommend checking out her beautiful products on her chic website here.

close up flat lay

Everything is homemade and the ingredients come from the very best organic oils produced under sustainable conditions. Vitamins, aloe vera juice, herbal extracts and peptides are all purchased from creditable companies with a high emphasis on their expertise and their organic values, the same can be said for their packaging too.

close up morning serum
‘Go Glow’ contains vitamins E, A, B3 and C

I know most of us out there are all trying to achieve a healthy body, a strong mind and glowing skin.

Hanne has taught me the importance of taking caring of myself. For years I have been conscious about the chemicals I put in to my body but have never taken the time to consider what chemicals I put on to my skin.

We all need to be more aware of this, and these products may be the perfect starting point.

hanne adjusting me.jpg
Hanne and I on our teacher training.

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