Caravan Vegan Breakfast

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Sunday brunch is one of life’s perfect creations. Great conversation, yummy food and a few mimosas with your favourite people, whats not to love.


Two of my best friends and I headed up to Caravan, kings cross. I have eaten at Caravan before but never being vegan, so I wanted to see what they had to offer.

I would say one thing, be prepared to queue. We arrived at 11.00 and waited for 40 minutes, which was fine because we ended up seeing some friends at the bar and had a lot to catch up on. However, I would much rather book somewhere than be ravenous by the time you end up getting a table.

I went for coffee instead of a mimosa this brunch, it was nice and strong and I had it with warm almond milk. My best friend went for the classic bloody mary and wasn’t overly impressed (but he is quite particular about the way he likes them).

The server was really helpful when it came to telling me what was vegan off the menu, and there was quite a bit to choose from.


I choose the fruit with coconut yoghurt and a side of granola. I believe the grapes had been soaked in some kind of rum syrup, it was seriously good, and topped with the yogurt it was a delightful combination.

Caravan has a chilled vibe and great food. I would just reccomend getting there a little bit earlier than we did!

Go check out their website here.

Happy brunching x

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