The Park Run

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Park Runs are now all over England, they are free weekly 5K runs which can be just for fun or used to help motivate fitness. All you have to do is register and turn up.

sun rise

Ever since I was young my parents have been active. They are super fit and my mum has always been a huge inspiration for me.  As a child I used to despise that our family holidays were hiking in Austria or surfing in rainy Cornwall and never two weeks by a pool in Majorca like the rest of my friends.  Now I love spending time being active outdoors with my family, running alongside them, hiking with them or beating them up mountains.

So when my mum asked me to join her in doing her local park run at Belton House, Lincolnshire, I was keen. I got my sister involved and we headed there for the 9am Saturday morning start.

I know people who have took part in the Victoria Park one in Hackney and loved it. So I took the challenge and my aim for the run was to beat my sister… (not really but really).

It was frosty and freezing, but the early rise was worth it just to see this sunrise.


The Belton House grounds are beautiful and an idilic place for a run.

me and mummy.jpg

I loved (nearly) every second, and even managed to come in front of my sister and my mum! I did the run in 25.20 which is my PB, and I also came in 5th place in my age group for all park runs at belton house! Very proud of my sister and mum who came first in their age groups. It was also a lot of fun, who would have thought it…

three of us

Go sign up for your local park run, any age/any fitness level, you won’t regret it.  Find your nearest one here.


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