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Being vegan for the week

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Rules: Going completely vegan for a whole week, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sounds pretty easy right? ….. I really wanted to try and see if it is actually possible for me to go vegan, so I thought why not trial it out for one whole week. No meat, fish, dairy or anything that may contain animal products.

Why: I eat vegan pretty regularly anyway but I have never gone the whole way as I am a massive foodie.


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 14.20.37.png
The stats are real. 


We as a planet are becoming over populated and consuming/producing far too much meat than our planet can keep up with. I honestly believe becoming vegan can make a difference to global warming and becoming a sustainable planet.

I am also concerned about the way in which we have lost contact with what is entering our bodies. Feeling good on the inside is the most amazing feeling and a lot of that comes from what we are putting in to our mouths during meal times.

Lets see how this goes…

 Day one-

Breakfast: Half a banana, a green tea before yoga and a bowl of my homemade granola, dates and a cup of tea after.

Lunch: Butter bean pesto salad.

Snacks: Two apples (I was hungry).

Dinner: Half a pizza, half a veg tagine

Snack: Tea

butter bean salad

I have substituted cows milk with oat milk to go in my tea.

No dramatic changes for my breakfast or lunch, and oat milk is completely fine in my tea – YAY. Went out for dinner with my two girlfriends and we shared pizza and the tagine, and the pizza was very good even without cheese. We went to see JOY at the cinema and I would usually get chocolate to snack on but felt so much better for not doing so. So far so good.

Day two:

Breakfast: Porridge with oat milk, added dates, cinnamon and chia seeds, and a tea.

Lunch: Left over butterbean salad, an apple and a coffee with oat milk.

Dinner: Dahl, aubergine and crispy kale.

Pudding: Vegan salted caramel ice cream, banana and a square of dark chocolate.

Again breakfast was pretty standard for me, I was very hungry by lunch and could have killed for a fish finger sandwich but again the salad was nice, I just added some fresh salad leaves and cucumber. I felt like I had a lot of energy in the afternoon, which I put down to eating fresh and nutritious food. For dinner my sister made her dahl and baked aubergine. It was amazing and desert was incredible, being vegan is tasty!

ice cream copy

Day three:

Breakfast: A tea, handful of granola before a run, and porridge after.

Lunch: Pea and basil hummus on rivita, half an avo, one carrot and a coffee.

Snacks: Apple with cashew nut butter.

Dinner: Deliciouslyellas Sweet potato and chickpea stew.

Pudding: Hot chocolate with Coco powder with oat milk and water.

Deliousllyellas stew is so good, I make this pretty much every week. The pea and basil hummus is one of my sister’s recipes and I will post it on the blog ASAP, everyone needs this in their lives. Update on how I feel, I have a slight headache; pretty sure it is Kinder withdrawals…


Day four:

Breakfast: Granola with half a banana and and a tea

Lunch: Leftover stew with half an avo and an alpro soya yoghurt.

Snacks: An orange.

Dinner: Made Deliciouslyellas tomato and mushroom miso pasta.

Pudding: One whole Hotel Chocolat vegan chocolate bar and about 10 hendricks G & Ts.

Made dinner with my girlfriends tonight and tried out this simple tomato pasta, which I would definitely recommend. We then celebrated life with a few gin and tonics and some yummy chocolate. Day four and loving the fact that Hendricks is vegan. Feeling as if vegan could be possible!

tom pasta


Day five:

Breakfast: Porridge with almond milk and half a banana.

Snacks: Coffee with oat milk and a hand full of pistachios.

Lunch: Beans on toast with kidney beans.

Dinner: Chicken, cabbage salad, brown rice.

Desert: Oreos.

The hardest day so far, being vegan is NOT easy. I felt completely fine as I woke up, fresh and ready for the day, I started to do a HIIT workout and suddenly felt extremely weak. I had half the energy I usually do and my arms were struggling to lift weights. I took sometime out and had a coffee and some nuts. I guessed it was because my body was probably lacking protein. I messaged my vegan friend and she suggested getting a lot of beans into my lunch (hence the beans on toast). Following lunch I felt fit and healthy again. However my day ended up being highly stressful and when it came to dinner I was not feeling up to cooking anything myself and my sister offered me chicken and I cracked. Wooops. One thing I have learnt is that you have to be organised to eat vegan. Also, Oreos are vegan, who would have known!

Day six:

Breakfast: Porridge, coco powder, dates, banana and a tea.

Lunch: Falaffel, sweet chilli and red onion salad.

Snacks: Green tea.

Dinner: Tomato, chickpea and garlic pasta.

Desert: A corona and vegan chocolate cake.

Today I felt great again. My best friend bought me an incredible vegan chocolate cake from Kennington Farmer’s Market. The perfect pre dance rehearsal snack some might say.

Day Seven:

Brunch: Granola, fruit with coconut yoghurt and a coffee.

Snacks: Cripsy kale and half avocado.

Dinner: Gobi curry with brown rice

Desert: A few squares on Lindt 70% Cocoa Excellence.

I DID IT. (ish) minus the very naughty chicken situation.


This week has been a lot harder than I thought.

  1. I have learnt that changing to a vegan diet comes with a lot more meal planning. You must make a conscious effort to get enough nutrients and enough protein in to your body. Which is harder than it seems, especially as a keen runner and after a running 10 miles this week, multiple yoga classes and dance rehearsals, I could feel my body was asking for more protein. Therefore if I went vegan I would be keen to buy vegan protein powder.
  2. I have learnt that I do not need cow’s milk. Oat milk makes a perfect substitute in breakfast tea and I am definitely going to stick to this.
  3. I have not missed cheese, butter or any dairy products. Two separate people have mentioned how well and how great my skin was looking. I personally am not sure if I looked any different, however, I believe this could be from getting rid of the cow’s milk in my diet.
  4. I missed eggs, a lot.
  5. On a positive note I felt fresh, happy and healthy. I never ever felt guilty or woke up feeling groggy from eating something processed or unhealthy.
  6. I have realized the enjoyment I get from food, it is a massive part of my life and I have realized I do not want to restrict myself to becoming officially vegan.


Why not go fully vegan?

I utterly believe in the idea that if you couldn’t kill it yourself then you shouldn’t be eating it. Therefore to me eating sustainable fish and shellfish (e.g. picking my own mussels from the rocks at the beach) or eating local/ my own eggs are fine. In my mind there is no way that this cannot be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

As a yogi it is important to me that the food I ingest it obtained without causing undue harm to the environment or other beings. Traditionally this meant being vegetarian, but I believe eating organically and locally is the future.

From now on I am going to be a lot more conscious about what I put in to my body and where that food has come from.


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