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My name is Roanna; a professional dancer, yogi, runner, explorer, foodie and lover of life.

Photo: Håkon stubberud

This blog is primarily to keep track of my yoga journey, starting with my quantum yoga teacher training course in Goa, India. Anyhow, I will also post about other things I am passionate about and feel that the world might be interested in.


On top of everything I am just a normal twenty something living London trying to get the most out of each day (despite crippling rents and Wholefoods being out of my price range).



My first ever yoga experience was when I was aged 17, in Sri Lanka. Every time the teacher said “heavy legs” in a slow and husky voice it sounded like “hairy Legs” and I could hear my mum and sister dying of laughter.

Following that episode, I stuck with yoga and for the rest of my stay in Sri Lanka I slowly began to feel the benefits of daily yoga classes. A few months after that I started my professional dance training and yoga was a part of my prescribed timetable. I found it useful to stretch out my aching muscles.

During my third and very demanding year of dance school I started attending a local hot yoga studio and kundalini classes under my own volition  (on top of my weekly mandatory classes).  This is where I started see the psychological benefits of yoga. I found yoga truly helped me physically and mindfully to get through my gruelling rehearsals .

Yoga has been a great tool to me and one that I want others to experience themselves.

That’s why I have decided to deepen my understanding further and pursue my love of yoga by embarking on a yoga teacher training course.

yoga wheel

I write this as I wait at Heathrow for my flight to india. Wish me luck.

Ro x



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